Twins Motor Touchless Car Dryer

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Meet the Twins Motor Touchless Car Dryer, the ultimate car dryer boasting twin motors generating 8.5HP power. This powerhouse swiftly blasts water off surfaces, ensuring a quicker, scratch-free dry compared to traditional methods.

8.5HP via twin motors
Variable Air Speed Control
Power: 2400W
Air flow: 65000FPM
Power cable length: 20ft/6m
Hose length: 26ft/8m
Voltage: US 110-120v/60Hz


With over 65,000 FPM at peak power and a variable dial for control, it offers rapid drying while maintaining safety for delicate areas.
Mount it effortlessly with the customer optional wall bracket, keeping the blower ready for action.
Experience the evolution in drying—Twins Motor Touchless Car Dryer delivers power, precision, and convenience for a flawless finish, 80% faster than standard methods.
Package Contents Twins Motor Touchless Car Dryer:
1x Twins Motor Touchless Car Dryer
1x 20ft power cable
1x 26ft hose
2x nozzles (round and square)
Hose wall holder and dryer wall holder not included




Powerful Twin Motors

Dries engines and components quickly to help prevent corrosion
Use on paint, glass, wheels, chrome, fabric convertible roofs, and vinyl-wrapped and satin matte finishes.



Touchless drying prevents scratches and swirls

Perfect for drying the surface of cars, motorcycles or other items. The circular detail nozzle allows the wind to collect more and penetrate directly into hard-to-reach areas, making it easier to drain water from rear views, mirrors,body joints , headlights, engine and other areas. Make your car shine and touchless air drying will not damage the paint surface.